Apple to Create Newton 2.0 PDA?

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Apple LogoWith its release of the iPhone and iPod touch, apple has paved the way for a possible resurrection of the Newton. According to Apple Insider, well placed sources have said a new Apple PDA is being worked on. Apple was the first into the PDA market when it released the ill-fated Newton back in the 90s.

I used to be a big fan of the Pocket PC platform. That is until I tested an Apple iPhone. The iPhone interface and hardware are far superior to any Pocket PC I have ever used. To get these beautiful devices, Apple spend tons of time and money developing their multi-touch technology and a mobile version of their OS. So, a logical step would to take that investment, modify it, and create an Apple PDA which can compete more directly with the Pocket PC platform. While I think Microsoft’s mobile platform has a fighting chance, I do not believe the already dieing Palm does.

Below is an artist rendition showing approximate size ratio to existing Apple handhelds. Artwork by audiopollution

newton 2.0

I think it is fair to say that mobile consumer electronics has really elevated Apple to a new lever- perhaps even saved it. Will an Apple PDA dilute its current line of PDA like devices in the iPhone and iPod touch? Or will it strengthen the Apple brand adding yet another great device? Frankly I would rather see Apple focus on the iPhone and fix some of the things us users are complaining about- such as copy and paste abilities.