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Employment advertising and job search are industry categories that have by and large been revolutionised by the world wide web. Brand names such as Monster and Seek are now top of mind for those of us around the world who are in the market to either recruit or be recruited. Websites such as these took over from the employment sections of traditional daily newspapers.

Interestingly, in recent times there seems to be a shift in employment advertising and recruiting services on the web. The 2.0 revolution is starting to impact on how we find jobs on the Internet, particularly given the fact that there is a global shortage of human resources. All of a sudden the employee is a whole lot more powerful. There are a whole lot of vacancies and they are all available for anyone to see 24/7 online. Whats-more, professional social networks such as 2007 webby winner linkedin allow us all to promote ourselves as potential & desirable employees, also 24/7.

New startup Revyr is looking to take advantage of the 2.0 online job search market. Based in Sydney, Australia, Revyr is (like other job sites) all about facilitating job hunters in their search. The key point of difference with the site is that Revyr are more interested in your content as an employee than that of the advertisements from the would be employers.

The analogy that these guys use is very relevant, “Before you purchased your cell, car or plasma you probably went online to read reviews and see ratings but when you where looking for a new job did you do this sort of research? You probably didn’t but you should have – this is why we developed Revyr”.

The site is currently in beta and requires a testing authority to enter. I was fortunate to get an invite and have a play around. The interface is simple, clean and easy to navigate. Obviously there is not a hell of a lot of content up on the site. Given the fact that the primary function of the site is to facilitate and provide reviews of employers, there will need to be a little bit more content up for one to provide a more detailed review of the site and it’s performance.

I think that Revyr have definitely nailed a potential niche in the online job market with their new service. As they have quite rightly pointed out, as a prospective employee it makes total sense to research the performance of an employer should one have the ability to do this.

I suppose that the threat of sites such as linkedin or even facebook providing a similar type of service is more than likely, especially in the case of linkedin. A little bit of google research also revealed an existing player by the name of jobvent who offer a similar approach to the employment market.

I have read and seen a lot of press about recruiters, particularly in the USA, who use facebook as a means of discovering deeper levels of information about potential candidates. There is no reason why someone could not flip this process on it’s ear and develop a service similar to revyr on the facebook platform (note to revyr: get your facebook app live!)

Having just been through a corporate employment process and landing a job that did not work out, I certainly wish I had the ability to communicate with previous employees of the company that I chose to go with. Instead I spent 6 months of my career only to find that I was in the wrong place and I needed to start looking for the right role again.

Skilled employees now have a lot more control over their destiny in the workforce. Hopefully employer review services will become as popular online as the review services and/or site features for other major online industries such as retail.

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