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This last year my school’s softball team won very few games. Some blamed our lack of skill, some blamed the beer drinking prior to our games, but I blame the lack of a great web 2.0 team management service. If only TeamSnap had been around last semester, maybe our team would have won a few more games. TeamSnap is a very unique new service designed to facilitate the complicated management of recreational adult or youth sports teams. With TeamSnap, team leaders can manage rosters, publish and track game schedules, and even collect payments.


Schedules – TeamSnap provides an easy to understand schedule of games including opponent, date, time, location and the all important W/L. The schedule can be used to coordinate meetings, practices, or parties, and is directly tied to Google Maps for the directionally challenged.

Player Availability – Anyone who has managed a sports team knows that managing player availability is like herding cats. With TeamSnap, managers can eliminate forfeiting because of too few players by tracking who can or cannot attend a game. For coed teams that require specific ratios of the sexes, TeamSnap will let you know if you are short men or women.

Payment Tracking – You wouldn’t think that collecting $5 from a group of mature adults would be a big problem, but it usually is a headache. With TeamSnap, team leaders can monitor payments from team members and can publically ridicule the unpaid with a big red X in the payment field.

Messages/Photos – TeamSnap provides a private team forum for discussion amongst team members, and lets leaders send email messages to the entire team. After a great game or party, players can upload photos to the TeamSnap photo gallery for the enjoyment of all of the other players.

Statistics – No longer will players have to debate who scored the most goals, hit the most homeruns, or took their skate off and used it as a weapon most often. TeamSnap provides a simple system for tracking of individual points, penalties or anything else, and even some more advanced spreadsheet style calculations.

No more excuses for being unorganized and forgetting a game or for not remembering refreshments (yes it helps with that too), because TeamSnap is a great team management solution. TeamSnap is in beta, so you can give the system a shot and customize the interface with your team logo and colors. The beta testing will be free, but eventually TeamSnap will cost $7 or $10 per month for the two different plans. In my experience, it would be a $7 or $10 well spent.

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