The big daddy of VOIP, Skype, is all set to give sleepless nights to Apple and the futuristic Google phone with the launch of its mobile handset. Bruce Meyerson from BusinessWeek reports that Skype will be offering its handset in alliance with 3 Mobile towards the end of October.

The mobile handset will be launched simultaneously in Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, Australia and would be followed soon in remaining mobile territories. Surprisingly, United States of America does not figure in the initial list of countries.

There are speculations about this being a bold move by “3 Mobile” as the wireless industry is experiencing tough days. The development of the mobile handset is being done by iSkoot. iSkoot‘s concept is quite similar to Fring as it enables mobile users to access Skype on the go.

The intuitive handset is powered with a one-touch button which makes it easy for users to activate Skype’s service for long-distance and international calls. Moreover, cellphone users will not be required to shell out extra bucks for Skype usage. However, they are supposed to spend a minimum amount per month for regular services such as ringtones, calls and text messaging.

I think there are strong chances that Skype phone would a carve a special position for itself in the mobile industry primarily, because its strength lies in providing cheap calls. So it might turn out to be a winner despite missing out on intuitive feature set.

Skype is currently available on instruments like Philips cordless phone (it has been used by President of USA) and Net Gear’s special Wi-Fi phone which enables users to make unlimited domestic and international calls to other Skype users without the requirement of a computer.

It would be interesting to see the difference, Skype brings with its Mobile Phone and the impact it would have on other popular companies.

Skype has been a revelation in the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) industry with its popular free and cheap internet telephony calls. Very recently, Skype has been in news for the resignation of its CEO. You never know the launch of Mobile phone might be an effort from Skype to recapture its users once again.

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