HelloTxt: Centralize Your Microblogging Services

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HelloTxt is “an aggregate of microblogging services through which the user can insert their messages on all main microblogging services in a simple and simultaneous way.” What does all of that mean? For users of Twitter, Jaiku, Yappd, Meemi, Beemood, and Tumblr, managing multiple microblogging services can be a hassle. HelloTxt centralizes the insertion of messages to these services, saving many trips for the microblogging addicts.

As explained by the developers of HelloTxt, having to visit numerous microblogging services diminishes some of the advantages of the services. Namely, updating your status is time consuming, and the information you provide is not as timely for your readers. With HelloTxt, a single message will reach the different services. All login information and messages are encrypted, so you can feel safe using the service.

The site is very clean, well organized, and does not provide an over-abundance of features. Registration is required, but the registration is well worth it because users don’t have to keep track of all of the usernames and passwords for the microblogging services after they are entered for the first time. According to Mashable, Pownce support has been delayed because of load time problems. Users should also be aware that HelloTxt is missing mobile phone support.