Exclusive Interview with GoodBarry Co-founder Brett Welch

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Great news for online business owners! GoodBusiness from GoodBarry which could probably be the best ever designed solution to assist Online business owners with Website management, Email marketing, Blogging, Shopping and Leads generation is here.

Well, precisely speaking GoodBusiness is a refreshing solution that enables your business to maximize profits and takes care of all your needs.

According to me, the power of GoodBarry goes way beyond the name and the intuitive look-and-feel of its website. The small but extremely proactive unit at GoodBarry is more than happy to answer all kinds of customer queries and is looking to make GoodBarry more value driven for their customers.

Best-of-all GoodBarry’s individual solutions come for free. So its free when you want to try. Access to all the services comes at a small fee but considering that fact you run a business it is effectively very small portion of your IT/Marketing budget.

So its like a win-win situation for you. Imagine receiving an instant SMS alert for a comment on your blog or even a query on your website. You’re connected all the time you know what’s happening with your business. Along with that, I highly recommend its web-analytics feature(see screengrab below) which shows you online queries, sales, page visits and more. That’s the power of GoodBusiness for you.

I had an e-mail discussion with Brett Welch, Co-Founder GoodBarry. Excerpts from the email interview.

What does GoodBarry mean?

Well Barry is the nickname our CEO Bardia Housman uses. Sometimes he’d “go undercover” and answer support emails to stay close to our customers and get a feeling for what things we could improve and what we were doing well. Since he had the power to fix pretty much anything (being the CEO) our customers really loved Barry. Hence… GoodBarry was born!

What really differentiates GoodBusiness, GoodBarry’s flagship product?

Definitely our customer-centric view of the website. Unlike most tools out there, we’ve built our system from scratch to be an integrated, customer focused system. Every single feature is hooked into a central customer database which means we can build customer profiles and track behaviour across the entire site – from email campaigns to contact forms to online shopping! That built-in customer management is a big drawcard for small business owners.

What sort of sites best suit Goodbarry?

Any small business website really! You don’t need to be selling things online. Our web forms that automatically capture leads and then notify you are great for lawyers and accountants. Our secure zones are fantastic for providing high value content to VIP customers. Our Email Marketing functionality is a powerful tool for any business!

Generally we think about 90% of small business websites will be very well served by GoodBusiness, because we’ve got everything they need in one place, with an approach that makes sense to a business owner.

How much do I have to pay for GoodBusiness? Is there a Free Version?

GoodBusiness is $39 per month, which is comparative to business grade webhosting – but don’t forget you’re getting 10,000 email newsletters and online shopping capabilities with that price! We’ve pre-integrated a bunch of payment gateways and solutions like Authorize.net and paypal, too – they don’t cost any extra.

Right now if you sign up for an invite you get to use GoodBusiness for 3 months, free. Also, because we believe so strongly in our all-in-one solution, we’re providing a set of “mini-products” for free! So GoodSite is a free, hosted solution for business websites that includes blogs and so forth, GoodMarketing is a free email marketing solution, GoodShop is a free ecommerce solution and GoodLeads is a free lead management/web form solution.

You’ll be able to upgrade from any of the lead in products to GoodBusiness at any time – while keeping all the work you’ve already built! This is quite exciting I think – you can start basic and as you need more functionality hit a button and you’re ready to go :)

How many people are on the team at GoodBarry?

We’ve got 10 people here at GoodBarry at the moment.

Future plans?

We’ve got some really exciting things in the works. Because of our customer-centric approach, we’ve got a lot more we can do in terms of providing amazing analytics and data mining.

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