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And you thought designing web-pages was not your cup of tea? Well, it is not as tough as you actually thought it to be. At least with services like Jimdo  around, your job becomes much simpler.

Jimdo, a service launched by three young guys from Hamburg in Germany is a one stop solution for designing and developing web-pages. It allows even a lay-man to design visually appealing web-pages from scratch. Jimdo users can integrates pictures, videos and forms within few clicks. This cool service is available in Free and Pro versions.

We feel that the best way to know more about a service is to connect with a person who developed it. This is why at Rev2 we’ve been bringing you interviews from co-founders of exciting new start-ups.

What does Jimdo mean and why “Jimdo”.

It’s an artificial name and has no meaning. When we were looking for a name, it was really important to us that the name would work internationally, that it’s short and rather easy to remember. From our perspective,Jimdo serves all these requirements.

Why should I go for an online web design service like Jimdo, when I can design using desktop tools and put pages on my domain ?

Because you have all the possibilities an offline tool offers – but Jimdo is still easier to handle and for free! In addition, you don’t need to download any software to use Jimdo and you can access and update your Page from any Computer with an Internet Connection.

From what it appears, the concept looks quite common or to be already there then what is the difference in Jimdo?

It has never been as easy and beautiful to create and publish an own Page as with Jimdo. The three main advantages are:

1. It’s that easy to handle that it’s fun.

2. The created pages look beautiful, you can highly individualize the design and you’re now even able to integrate your own design into Jimdo. (freedom in design).

3. You can integrate pretty much any kind of content you’d like to also from other pages via widget. (freedom in content).

Since you have absolute freedom in content and design you can really make your Personal Page on the net! You can publish your content the way you wish, aggregate your content from other platforms like YouTube, flickr, etc. and make the Page look the way you like!

What can an end-user do with Jimdo and what he cannot do with Jimdo?

They can easily create their own Page, their website and publish their content. They can highly customize their design (and integrate their own), add as many pages as they want, move them in sub-menus if necessary, can integrate pretty much any kind of content (also flickr-images, YouTube-videos, del.icio.us bookmarks, and any other kind of widget), protect their pages with several passwords, use the news-letter system with link-tracking, check their statistics how many people visited their Page, etc.

Your free domains come with ad-sense installed for users like me who don’t want it is there any option available?

Sure, there’s the JimdoPro-Page which is at 6 USD/months. JimdoPro-Pages are ad-free, are published under an own top level domain of the users choice (i.e. www.username.com), an e-mail account, 5 GB of storage space and more detailed statistics.

Who are you competing with site hosting companies/site design companies or both?

Well, to be honest, we’re considering neither of them as our primary competition. Our goal is to give users a primary experience creating their own independent page on which they can publish their own content – and hosting companies as well as design companies have other goals.

Tell me one single reason why should I go for Jimdo

You’ll have to try it out – and you’ll feel the reason! 😉

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