Automattic Unfazed by $200 Million Offer

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The company behind & care-taker of open-source project, Automattic has rejected a lucrative $200 million acquisition offer. According to latest news reports Automattic was offered a buy-out deal of $200 million acquisition of which half was in cash and half in buyer-stock.

$200 million for sure is attractive but it looks like Automattic didn’t bat an eyelid. Earlier this month Automattic had itself acquired a startup company called Gravatar. Apparently, like everybody else I am trying to find out what made Automattic reject the offer? Is that they are looking for some equity stake by a larger company or is that they are looking to go public themselves?.

Whatever is the scenario, Automattic’s seems to be doing quite well. Last month, had about 63 million worldwide visitors which has gone beyond May’s 38 million visitors.

Automattic first got started around August of 2005, and has since then grown in strength. Automattic is strong Open-Source believer and its major work is done under licenses like the GPL. To know more about Automattic, do check out its projects .