Leopard Goes on Sale

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leopardThe much hyped and much delayed update to Apple Inc’s Mac operating system has finally hit the stores. The new update is expected to be another kitty in Apple’s bag which boasts of powerful products like iPods and iPhones. Referred to as Leopard, the update has gone one sale this Friday all over the globe.

interfaceThe current update has added further enhancements to the existing intuitive operating system. ’Leopard’ comes with over 300 new features, one of them is called as “Boot Camp” that enables users to install Windows on Macs, although dual operating systems are in-operable at a single instance.

Some other top features are “Time Machine,” which is an automated data backup system, and “Spaces,” which is a cool way to simultaneously view open applications, are among the other highlighted features. Like I said, Leopard would scale up the current sales of Macs which are continuing to do right now.