Meebo to Power Joost Chat Rooms

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Joost LogoJoost, the online TV-on-demand startup from the founders of Skype, has chosen Meebo to power their chat rooms. Joost and Meebo, arguably the best in their respective fields, make a great combo in my opinion. OtherMeebo logo internet TV startups such as WiTV have already integrated other chat solutions like Skype into their product.

Screenshot below:

Joost and Meebo integration

Meebo recently released its developer platform in an effort to be integrated into other third party applications. I have used Meebo in the past, especially on my iPhone and have to say I love the company and their product. I will admit, I am a TV fanatic too. How cool would it be to chat in real time, or after a show, with other TV fans all over the world? I look forward to seeing these two services integrated and also to see if Joost is able to build a good enough catalog to be worth while for TV fanatics like myself.