GreenDoc: A Promising Online Word Processor

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greendocThis year has seen the emergence of several online word processing services which are acting as viable Microsoft Word alternative for web junkies. An innovative free word processing service called GreenDoc is the latest to join the league of ThinkFree, AjaxWrite, and ZohoWriter. With many popular names out there, the entry might appear to be tough but with its set fresh features the future for GreenDoc looks to be exciting.

Let’s start with the UI of GreenDoc. Something interest about the GreenDoc homepage is that it allows users to create documents from scratch, right there and then. The WYSIWYG editor looks like a customized version of TinMCE, but nonetheless, it’s proved useful with site’s offerings: without signing up, you can instantly save your document right then and there and come back to GreenDoc to access it.

When you publish your documents without registering they are named as ‘anonymous’ and stored on the site for 90 days. However all your ‘anonymous’ documents will be linked to your account on registration. greendocscreenshot

Another thing that I really like is that GreenDoc offers its users a great opportunity to earn revenue through Google Adsense. The concept is simple,:users can link ads provided by Google AdSense on their published documents page and earn 70% of the profit depending on number of clicks made. Rest of the 30% helps GreenDoc to pay the server costs. Among other features users can link YouTube videos and print their online documents.

Overall, GreenDoc looks effective and is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a change from your traditional word program. You could also use it for a bit of income, but how exactly you plan going to get 20,000 visitors to your document and lick on the ads is beyond me. 😉

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