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After a long week of Photoshopping, coding, and browser hacking, I’m very pleased to finally unveil our new Rev2 site rehaul/redesign we’re calling Rev2008. As you might have noticed if you’ve been a long time reader, we try to have one at the fall of every year, and while this year’s took a little longer, I can single-handedly say it’s the best yet (and I personally think the best out of any other blog in the world, but I’m a little biased. :-) )

Firstly, you’ll notice a new logo. While in the spirit of our old and previous generation ones, I think we’ve nailed it this time with something simple and elegant, as is the case with the whole new site. We’ve got a new colour scheme, a revamped sidebar, and somewhat of a well defined, separated layout. Also new are categories (yes, we have them now!) which provide a good look into what we’re all about and will help keep us focused:

Something that will stand out when you visit our homepage is the new section of recent and featured content. An objective of mine with the rehaul was to make content on the site more visible, easier to find and navigate through, and for readers to get a good overview of what the whole site is about — not just the latest post. The new featured section provides us with with a prime spot for our best editorial content to get its dues, and the recent a good place to catch up with what’s been happening on the site.

Lastly, along with a site redesign, we’ve been planning a rehaul in other things too — namely our content and writers. So as far as the next few weeks are concerned, you should hopefully start to see a whole new Rev2 taking shape. We’ve got podcasts, interviews, “Kool-Aid” pieces from startup executives, and a number of in-depth features lined up. Additionally, we’ll be welcoming a slew of new sponsors and writers. If you want to find out about sponsoring our site, the information is here, and if you’re interested in writing for us (we’re always looking for more!) — full-time, part-time or freelance — feel free to contact me with a writing sample and any ideas that you have.

One thing I have realized over the years is that it’s the content which makes a good publication, so a particular focus of ours will be to provide you the best content — be it through reporting news early, doing in-depth features and analysis, or writing well-researched and fair reviews of new products and services.

So, I hope you stick around as we attempt to get our act back together, and as always, if you have any comments, suggestions, fixes, critique, or praises regarding the redesign, let us know in the comments. Thanks for visiting!