Rev2: Calling All Great Writers

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As I mentioned in my Rev2008 introductory post, a particular focus for Rev2 over the next coming months is to provide quality, value-added content with a focus on the end-user, products, services, impact, and trends. If there is something we can report earlier, a topic we can go in-depth into, a trend we can analyze, or a product/service we can review to make your life easy, we’re all for it.

And to achieve this, we need your help! We’re looking for passionate, enthusiastic, brilliant, and able writers and insiders in the web industry to join us in contributing. Be it full-time, part-time, freelance, or one-time exclusive — whatever your slice of bread — if you can write the best content in the world, we’re calling for you to write with us and be a part of a like-minded team.

Interested? Contact me a writing sample — preferably something that we would otherwise publish — and tell me a little about yourself and the kind of content you can bring to Rev2. And of course, compensation is more than included. :-) Thanks for your interest!