Yahoo! Video Relaunches, And It’s Looking Good

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A funny thing about the Micro-Hoo talks is that it’s actually making the “yahoos” work. No, I’m only kidding of course — these things take months to make. Yahoo! today announced the relaunch of Yahoo! Video, their second-tier video sharing site, and this time they may have just nailed it for the good.

As they claim, the relaunched site boasts a “bigger player, better resolution, and the best content anywhere.” When you first make your way onto the homepage, you won’t find a bunch of thumbnails and text, instead they’ve done something quite smart: they have a main video section, above the fold, and it’s probably playing what you want to watch. For example, at this time, it’s the new Indiana Jones Trailer —  perfect! What’s more, it’s divided into tabs, so main being the “Spotlight,” there’s also “Funny,” “News,” “Music,” and “TV.”

The new video player has something to be said about. The size is, of course, much bigger than any standard one you are going to find. The quality is excellent — not far from Vimeo’s high definition offerings; I’d say it’s getting up there for sure. And as for the UI, it definitely has something to be said about — I personally like it better than YouTube’s, it looks better, it’s more functional, and carries only the most necessary features and buttons.

Yahoo! has teamed up with a bunch of Networks, a la YouTube, to offer premium, entertainment content. The section is divided into a number of categories — countless to list — and if it’s the TV content you’re looking for, there’s a chance it’s probably there. Here’s an example of a company bringing what they do best into what they hope to do best in the next ten years (if they’re still around!): content and technology.

Lastly, the revamped section of their site I’m the most fan of is Upload. Like the rest of their site, the revamped experience is much more direct, to-the-point, and simple. You’re not entering any unneccesary information, and uploading a video took me less than a minute. The UI, if anything, is something they’ve nailed like no other.

The new Yahoo! Video puts up a compelling offer when compared to the others. I’ve never been a fan of new service offerings from old media properties as such since they’ve previously been duds in the past, but in the midst of a comeback, this is the kind of stuff you’d hope for. Excuse the video embeds lately, but here’s another one. And you’ll enjoy it. :-)

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