Yieldy: Simpe, Self-Serving Ad Network

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Yieldy is a new self-serving ad network that launched just yesterday. Created by the folks behind Texty, a simple and instant content management system, the site enables small – medium publishers to sign up, instantly receive an ad code for their desired size, and start earning with PayPal payments sent at the start of each month.

The idea behind the site is to serve a simple, no BS solution for publishers who are looking to instantly monetize or “fill” ad units in spaces. The site doesn’t reveal any details about the share of its revenue and even where it comes from. Supposedly, the advertising inventory comes from “supporting and controlling multiple networks and direct advertisers.”

While most people would like a little more control and certainty with their ad networks, Yieldy could serve as a great service for new publishers who are just discovering ways to monetize. Undoubtedly, the service is well-built and its to-the-point simplicity has something to be said about it.

User-based monetization is something I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of, with MySpace and Facebook ad networks forming, and it’s rightly so. For a user who gets 2,000 pageviews a day to his profile, would it be such a bad idea if he could make a hundred or so dollars every month off of it to pay for that Internet bill? Yieldy, in the long-term, could serve as a great tool to this demographic — if the folks behind it are to take it in that direction.