BuddyFetch: Meta Search for Stalkers

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I’ve always wondered why the world of chatting applications (Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ messenger, etc.) has been so disconnected and uncatalogued, apart from being one of the first, most useful concepts in Internet history. When the craze first took off in the 90s, we simply added new people to our buddy list whom we knew of or met through real life/chatrooms, entering their e-mail address. But if you think about it — their presence exists only through and on your buddy list, your mind being the connector of their e-mail address/handle to their real life persona. BuddyFetch is a new search engine that brings their presence to the web by making them searchable.

Searching through Aim, Skype, MSN, ICQ, iChat and a bunch of other sites, the site lets you search by a keyword (name, interests, etc.) , sex, and age. Once you make your query, results are presented in a profile form listing entered details about the match — including name, gender, age, location, about, etc.

Trying out my own name and a few others I know revealed, luckily, revealed only the most public information about them. I was able to find my friends’ listings, but none contained information or chat handles they would want to a stalker or someone unbeknown to them to find out.

BuddyFetch is, I’ll admit, a useful utility, but here at Rev2 we’re strong beleivers in Google’s “don’t be evil” slogal, so we don’t recommend stalking someone who doesn’t know you. Ok, we can’t stop you from doing so, but if you do, be sure to mention to them that you learnt about the tool here at Rev2.org. 😉