GroupTweet: Make Your Twitter Time Productive

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Ed. Note: apologies for the lack of posts lately! I will be focusing on Rev2/my startup full time for the next couple of weeks, which I’m hoping makes up for it.

Since Twitter released its API, a number of useful applications have swept the lives of Twitter users. If you’re a user of collaborative apps and work in a group, this one’s for you. GroupTweet enables Twitter users to form a group and use Twitter to send group messages to members of that group (with a Twitter account as its backend).

Here’s how it works. You create a Twitter account for your group and tell all group members to follow that Twitter account (if the group is private, you will obviously have to accept the follower.) Now you can register the account at GroupTweet and anytime anyone wants to send a message to all group members, they can simply direct message the group account (i.e. ‘D initechwebdevs Just committed the latest code to the repository’).

The idea reminds me of the Prologue theme for WordPress that was released some time ago by the folks at Automattic and let users and groups ‘whitelabel’ Twitter in the form of themed WordPress installations. Both services are intended for groups and both have their advantages. If you don’t want to rely on a propreitary system and want to own your data (and have all control over it) — Prologue is the way to ago. Then again, if you want to stick to Twitter and your client for all your Tweeting and work in a group of avid Twitterers, GroupTweet is probably the better option.