Techmeme Adds Search, Completes ‘Notable News Archive’

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Techmeme, which has become the single go-to site for all important and note-worthy tech news over the last few months, has finally added search functionality to the site — a way to search through its database of news stories it has accumulated since its existence.

The search ‘engine’ searches through all major news stories that have surfaced the site (at the highlighted, main news level — not ‘cited’) and displays them in reverse chronological order, as in newest first. Full text search, unlike other typical search engines, isn’t on by default — unchecking ‘search title & summary only’ trigges so.

The site admits the search function isn’t a replacement for a news search engine, but simply a way to look through archived and most notable news stories. The site admits Ask Blog Search, Google News, and Topix do the complete job when it comes to news search, although I think Techmeme’s search results should be ample to do the job for most people looking for a record of major news stories.

The site has bootstrapped its way a long, long way from the simple meme aggregator that it launched as. For a lot of people, a Techmeme headline has become the standard measure of importance in the technology news area. All credit goes to its simple and functional interface and accrediting story/importance selection.

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