Just a few moments ago, FriendFeed launched FriendFeed Rooms — a feature that, in a few words, allows you to make and have your own mini-FriendFeed for a particular subject or a group of people.

For an example of a room, check out the FriendFeed Rooms Feedback Room (meta enough?). The room has an administrator, and multiple members. Everyone in the room can share stuff and comments with each other that (only) everyone else can see. The room can be public, or private, where members have to be invited. To create a room, follow this link.

The feature, essentially, is FriendFeed’s version of Facebook Groups/Pages or member-grouping features that have been around since the advent of mailing list. But it has its purpose: as opposed to leaving pointless messages and comments, you’re sharing meaningful stuff around the web which (hopefully) the other people in the group care about.

To FriendFeed, which has just been starting to gain traction, this means more usage, and hopefully, a meaningful solution to groups or teams around the web. Additionally, it’s a great way to classify news on particular subjects — for example, to people who care about Soccer, it’s a good way to share and get updated on the latest news.

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