Mobaganda: For Simple and Minimal Events Organizing

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Mobaganda launched their service today — the first practical, usable application I’ve seen built on Google’s App Engine. Essentially, it’s a dead simple and minimal version of Evite — allowing you to create an event and have people RSVP on it. Here’s our fictitious event.

The service is so simple, barely any explanation is needed. Invitees go to the site, and with no registration or login process to go through, create an event giving it a name, date/time, and location. Once it’s created, a simple page is presented with the basic details and a way for anyone who comes to the page to RSVP by entering their name and e-mail.

A couple of features makes Mobaganda really useful and practical. First, the service allows people to RSVP by simply sending an e-mail, which is creates for your event. For example, for the ficticious event I created, e-mailing would do the trick. Second, Mobaganda has RSS feeds for the event, allowing already RSVP’d guests or anyone who wants to to keep track as guests RSVP. Here’s our RSS feed.

The service is a rather interesting, and I think, competitive alternative to most other events organizing services out there. Rather than entering 1,000 things on Facebook’s Events app or spending a day registering for Evite, if all you want in the end of the day is to have a simple party and for invitees to know the time and the location, Mobaganda does the trick. For future (real) Rev2 parties — it’ll be our service of choice. :-)