Smashing Darling Gets Even More Smashing

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Smashing Darling has released Version 2 of their website which comes full of new and improved navigation that works much more intuitively. On top of that they have added filters to make it easier for customers to find exactly what it is they are looking for. They can even sort by price lowest to highest or vice versa.

The new look from what I have noticed is much cleaner, more professional and edgy as an indie fashion website should be.

Smashing Darling has a couple of places on the homepage that can now be used to shout out other websites, that they are partnering with for contests and promotions. So users will want to keep tuning in to see what fun thing they are up to.

It appears they have eliminated the forums and in their place added an Events section. Any user can go to this section to see what is coming up for events in the world of indie fashion all across the country. Any one can add an indie fashion event. Obviously they want this to be the most comprehensive listing of indie fashion events on the internet. It is a great place to shout out a fashion event to a very targeted audience.

The Scroll Bar at the bottom of the homepage is a great way to see featured items or newly listed items at a glance. Just click on a tab at the top and click the arrow on the right to quickly be introduced

to more great indie finds.

The site has also started an area called The Chic Boutique. This is a type of rated area for indie designers who are signed up to the site. This area seems like it is for the best of the best. These are indie designers that are at the top of their game and truly setting an example for how great indie can be. Designers who want to be considered, must have big, beautiful photographs of their products, upload regularly, keep their inventory up to date, and current at all times. The designers must also have a complete profile.

Smashing Darling made sure these designers deserve a special area for working so hard. It also sets an example for other indies just starting. It is in the designers best interest, because it builds credibility in the eye of the consumers. Credibility leads to greater number of transactions.

In the blog they have started 2 new weekly features that we are encouraging the community to get involved with.

  1. How Do You Wear Your Indie – This is the section for letting people show their indie style, telling everyone a bit about themselves and letting them shout out to help promote something that is important to them.
  2. Editor’s Picks on Fridays, this is where magazine editors, blog editors and our editors will be picking 5 or 6 things from Smashing Darling every week as another way to highlight the designers, but also to see what a particular editor finds interesting on the site.

Smashing Darling has come a long way from when I first saw the site.  As the site progresses they seem to be taking on their own type of etsy-esque following, proving that independents need a place to be fashionable too.