iPhone 3G Advice: Don’t Stand in Line

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I am perplexed why people would waste their time waiting on lines to buy a new 3G iPhone.  Yes, I happen to have an iPhone myself, and yes, I plan on getting the 3G version, however….you will not find me waiting in order to get one.

If the iPhone maniacs took a step back and calculated the amount of time they will waste waiting for their new iPhone on the first day, they might be surprised to find that the speed of the 3G isn’t fast enough to make up for all the lost time they wasted to get this faster phone.  For example, I happen to have the original 4GB iPhone which I rushed out to get, because like every other gadget nerd, I needed something new to play with.  Seems like a couple of weeks after I got my phone the better ones came out and they were less then what I paid for my original fossil!  Now iPhone consumers are about to go through the craze yet again to pick up the first 3G version, which promises faster speed and longer battery time (which I wll have to see for myself).

My question to you is this: IS IT WORTH THE SPEED TO WASTE A DAY WAITING IN LINE?  In the off chance you actually have a job and had to take the day off to wait in line to get the phone, is the speed of the 3G going to make up for lost work time?

Soon I will find my way to the store to buy the new 3G iPhone myself.  Unlike last time I will wait a few weeks before doing so, to see what changes and bugs are happening.  Apple got me once with the original iPhone, and a second time with my Mac Air (which they lowered prices on) but they will not get me with the new 3G version.

Incidentally, if you upgraded to the latest version of iTunes, which is 7.7, you can see the new iPhone App Store.  It is pretty evident that people with iPhones must loves games, based upon the amount of them available.  You cannot purchase anything form the iPhone App Store yet, but at least you can see what you can wait in yet, another line to buy in advance.