One Million iPhones Sold Over the Weekend

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When the first iPhones came to market in the U.S. back in June of 2007, only 270,000 were sold during the first couple of days.  It took 74 days to sell their first one millionth unit.

According to the Steve Jobs statement, “iPhone 3G had a stunning opening weekend.”  Indeed it did Steve!  With the device now selling in 21 countries, the iPhone 3G reached sales of over a million in just one weekend.

I went by my local mall over the weekend to catch a glimpse of the 3G madness first hand.  The chic looking apple employee told me there was a six hour wait at the store to get one.  This was a bit shocking to me after learning about all the activation problems that tainted the release on Friday.  Apple seems to be that friend that always seems to hurt you, and yet you are willing to keep forgiving.  The customers who actually waited for hours to get the phone, seemed to get fed up and leave the store.

The single carrier in the United States for the 3G is AT&T, which blamed the problems on Apple, saying the problems were caused by too many customers trying to access the iTunes store at once.  Did nobody at Apple see this rush of new users coming, so that perhaps they could have had their systems prepared?

Like I said in my previous post about the iPhone, I am waiting a few weeks to buy my new 3G.  I recommend to anyone thinking about purchasing this new gadget to do the same.  It would be wise to allow the phone some time to prove itself as being reliable.  Don’t be a follower with this phone, let the others deal with the inital problems and then scoop yours up after!