Who Needs Cheat Codes For Games When You Can Get Free Phones Instead?

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Ed. Note: This post may be a little off-topic, but who doesn’t like free phones? 😉

Over the years I have been using many sites to get cheat codes for games, and discount codes for items.  Sites like slickdeals and bargainist offer great coupon codes and alerts for items on sale.  This got me thinking into how these members find the items before others.   Apparently many of the members are just crazy about finding sales, and discounts and post them as they get circulars.  Others seem to get friends and family codes from someone on the inside.

After researching many avenues, trying to find out if I could provide a tremendous discount code, I recently uncovered a way for regular folks to get a free Sidekick with activation on T-Mobile.  All that you have to do is identify yourself as a jetBlue employee, which has friends and family program.  You must call 866-464-8662 and use option 3.  The promotional code is 1240.  You also get 12% off your monthly bill, which is something you cannot get in the stores.  It is this simple.  I thought there must be a catch but my source on the inside of jetBlue told me they do not even check when you call this number if you actually work there.  I paid over $200 for my sidekick when I used to have one, and all I had to do was call this toll free number to get it for free?

After finding this out, I called up another friend at Phillip Morris and asked if they were ever offered incentives to sign up to a mobile company.  Without even thinking about it he pulled out a sheet and read to me that he could get a free Blackberry Curve 8320 phone, and even a Shadow, if you use the Phillip Morris discount code when calling 866-464-8662 option 3, promotional code 2609.  You will get 8% off your bill. No activation fees.

Just to verify that the information I received from both parties was true, I called them myself to find out what was offered.  I gave the promo code to the kind lady who answered the phone explained that I would be entitled for everything I wrote above, but also I would receive a $30.00 credit towards accessories!  Only catch was I have to sign a year contract.  The Blackberry Curve and Shadow were both free of charge after mail in rebate.

Both toll free numbers, two separate people gave me are for t-mobile which is kind of odd, but I applaud t-mobile for being proactive and trying to land the corporate accounts during such competitive times.  It is one of the few ways they will be able to compete against iPhone’s.

It would seem beneficial for t-mobile to make these promotional friend and family codes available to the general public, and not just the employees of few large corporations.   More activations, mean more monthly revenue.  Get the phones into the hands of anyone who is willing to pay a monthly bill is my suggestion.

If any of our readers have similar codes they could share, I would love to hear about them and research into what is offered.  These are the type of codes that people take from sites like ours, and post to the other bargain sites. That is how the other sites get the codes. Wonder how long it will get them to appear on slickdeals.