Ma.gnolia Opens Their Source

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The social bookmarking service Ma.gnolia has announced at the Gnomedex conference today that they are going to make their code available in open source.  The gnomodex conference is being held in Seattle and brings together the best and brightest in blogging, podcasting, and overall tech enthusiasts.  Larry Halff and Tara Hunt made the announcement today during their early morning speech.

Having Ma.gnolia open up its source code, will allow any site or organization the ability to use Ma.gnolia on their internet presence.  The new version will have support for OAuth and OpenID.  The latest version will most likely be available sometime in September for developers.  The public will get to use it in the first quarter of 2009.

Ma.gnolia competes with sites like Delicious.  Since it is far less popular then declicious, this might help propel Ma.gnolia growth in a quick way.