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Over the next several weeks Google’s Blogger will be rolling out some new features.  These new features are being launched in an attempt to make the blogging platform a little more social.

Apparently Google is going to be providing a gadget that will enable writers using the Blogger service to be able to see the followers of their blogs.  This gadget will also display those people following the writer on the actual blog.  They will accomplish this by adding a Follow this Blog link on all Blogger blogs.  A blogger will be able to view their followers on the blogger dashboard and on Google Reader. After activating this new following feature, you can add the gadget on your page by way of a widget to display your followers.  How very MyBloglog style. Another new feature is the ability called “Blogs I’m Following” which allows Blogger users to keep track of the latest updates to blogs on their subscription list.

This comes on the cusp of other blogging platforms adding similar features to their sites.  WordPress and Movable Type have also mentioned rolling out features to make their sites more social.

Seems like it would only be a matter of time before Google added this type of feature.  One of the downfalls of making a blog social, is it is limited to other followers using that specific service.  So if only 10% of your followers use Blogger, you will only see that small number of “followers” on your dashboard.

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