Picasa Recognizes You

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Picasa, should be announcing right about now that they are lauching a new facial recognition software with their latest update today.  Other features are also rumored to be launched, including a way to make movies from your photos, photo retouching and synchronization with your web album.

The new tag feature will display a group of photos that they deem to be the same person. The person can then attach a name to the photo, and once they do, that user can see the photos of the tagged person throughout their albums.  Then, picasa will link the images it deems to have the same person in.  It is like  tagging each photo, but without having to do all the work.

Google isn’t the first to toy around with facial recognition.  Other companies like BetaFace have offered it.  Google purchased the technology back in ’06 from Neven Vision.  The verdict is still out on whether or not facial recognition in photos will work.  Should it work properly, its uses could be widespread on the web, for dating sites, social networks etc.  The problem with facial recognition comes when the photo isn’t straight on.  Let’s hope google can solve this.