MapQuest Goes Local

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Mapquest has decided to step up its one dominant presence today.  Both Yelp Reviews and Sports News will now be included on the site.

Last month MapQuest launched a new feature called MapQuest Local, which brought all of your local information into a simplified dashboard.  They launched this feature to give you some “what” and “when” to go with your “where”.  Since then, they also launched a classified widget and Used Car Listings from AOL Autos.

As we all probably know by now, Yelp gives reviews from its members to help other readers discover rated places.  You can find restaurants, gyms, car washes, spas and dozen of other categories.  Usually their members are locals explaining to others where to go based upon their insight.  Now when searching on MapQuest, you can easily see the best of what Yelp members liked nearby your location.

The Sports news will be provided by Topix.  Based upon where you are looking on the map, you will be provided with sports news from all arenas.  This new widget is MapQuest’s first widget that can be customized beyond your local city or town.  This way if you are a Miami Dolphins fan living in Texas you can still stay informed on their news.

All these welcommed features show MapQuest isn’t going to sit idle while Google Maps takes over the space.  Although these are innovative additions, will it be enough to make people switch from just using their google pages they are probably on already?  I for one will not switch just based on these features alone.