wePapers Expanding Your Knowledge or Cheating?

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wePapers started with the laudable goal of making people smarter by allowing shared information on a university level, the site does all that and then some. Students or those interested in expanding their knowledge can log into wePapers and look at class notes, papers ranging from essays to full doctoral theses on every subject imaginable. All for free.

The down side is that these students and faculty who’re using the site could also find themselves victims of plagiarism. That’s a stigma that all sites of this nature must face. Too many will utilize the site to find papers they can put their name on and pass off as their own, in order to ace a class without having to work for it. Sadly, that’s how some people are.

Despite that stigma, this site is a glorious example of what the Web can really be used for. Touting itself as “the world’s biggest study group,” wePapers is that, I’m sure. Name a subject (I picked one of my favorites: history) and delve in. I was on the site to review it for this article, but ended up browsing through it and reading in-depth studies for hours. The only thing that saved me was my inability to read on-screen information for more than a couple of hours without getting eye-aches.

The site is that great. If you have time to spend reading real academic information on your favorite subject, then you’ll probably find yourself engrossed quickly. I guarantee you’ll bookmark it.