If you’ve heard of Swurl or Sweetcron, you’re familiar with the idea of mashups of your Web 2.0 interfaces (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and so forth) into a single site or page to centralize your information. Storytlr is a bit different, though, bringing something unique to the stage that will, I think, appeal to a lot of people.

Often, startups are all about funding and have little to offer in real world application. Even more often, they’re about ideas with no basis in reality and little chance of success. Storytlr is neither of these. It’s a great idea, which I’ll get to in a minute, that was started on bootstraps with little focus on gaining more capital infusion and lots of focus on making the product work.

The idea is pretty simple when looked at on its face, but complex enough to be new and intriguing. Take your social networking sites like Flickr, ad in your favorite RSS feed from, say, Google Reader, and stuff up your photos from somewhere like Facebook and put them all together on a site that integrates them by timeline (which you can tweak as much as you’d like). This timeline becomes a story, which is presented to the world on your page and evolves as your sites that feed into it are updated.

Currently, Storytlr can interface with Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Google Reader, Delicious, Flickr, Lastfm, Picasa, and several others. You can control the timeline or insertion of photos, information, and so forth to customize the output. Several other options allow for your Storytlr site to be completely unique. Your depth of control is completely up to you and even novice Web users will find Storytlr to be fairly simple to operate, but gurus will love the seemingly infinite tweaks that can be performed.

Right now, content is fairly slow to appear (taking several minutes to an hour in some cases, depending on server load), but that is mainly budgetary on Storytlr’s side. Remember: they haven’t been out begging for venture funding, but instead building a great product. The concept is solid, the application is strong, and it’s continually improving with new implementations. I expect the funding will find them on its own.

It’s free to sign up, but I caution you that it becomes addictive. You’ll find yourself spending several hours at the outset fiddling with the controls to perfect your Storytlr page. I know I did.

Written by | dave

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  1. Nick Stamoulis

    December 5, 2008 at 9:00 am

    This is a great way to be able to send a potential client to one area to see what your company has done if you are really spread out online.

  2. Singapore SEO

    December 26, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    Very addictive indeed. I ended up spending 2 hours a day on customizing my profile for the first 1 week. Nice.

  3. Italian Restaurant

    January 2, 2009 at 5:51 am

    Wow cool . It seems easy to use. Not afraid of being addicted. I will check it out. Thanks a lot !

  4. Singapore Property

    January 15, 2009 at 1:24 am

    Simple to use is great and being able put your story to the whole world is even better. Great concept.

  5. Singapore Escorts

    January 21, 2009 at 8:11 pm

    The site looks refreshing and progressive. Another platform for personal blogging with some great interfaces to quickly put your stories online.

  6. Bella banta

    January 22, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    A/N: This one shot came to me today. I was talking to my friend Crystal, who I just started making her read the series. She is at the point where Jacob just broke Bella’s heart. She said, “First Edward, then Jacob…” to which I replied, “Next thing you know, Mike will take his rage out on her.”

    The story was born.

    I hope you like it!



    Disclaimer: I do not own this. If I did, I would pwn.


    It was Monday, and all of the family was hunting before we had to start planning for graduation. I was sitting in the Gym after class, waiting for the coach to give me my progress report, when Mike stormed in, rage filling his eyes, mixed with determination.

    “What do you wa…?”

    “I hate you, Bella.”

    “Um, excuse me?”

    I looked around, hoping for my Greek God to rescue me from this hormonal monster. Then I remembered. He's hunting with Emmett and Jasper today. Crap. I looked back at him, and his rage increased, probably seeing the confusion lurking on my face. Like an open book…

    “When you first came to this school, all I did was be nice to you. I escorted you to your classes; I talked to you when everyone else was afraid to go near. I even defended you when Lauren and Jessica and all those other girls spread rumors behind your back.”

    “Rumors? I mean I know Lauren didn't like me, but that's pretty much it, Mike.”

    “Wrong. Right when you came into this school, before any of the girls had seen you, they already hated you.”

    “Why would they hate me? They didn't even know me.”

    “Because the second you walked into these stupid buildings, every single one of the boys “fell in love with you.” He used his fingers to accentuate the last part. So, Mike does know sarcasm. Guess you have to be born in the city to lose it. Wait, I was born here. Never mind. He continued.

    “I even thought I loved you, but no. All I saw was some girl that looked nice. But really? She just enjoyed breaking boys' hearts.”

    “Now wait just one second…” Where are Alice's visions when you need them?

    “No, I am through waiting. I've been waiting to say this to you since you broke out of your stupor and continued your rampage. By the way, I even helped you during that.”

    “What? I don't remember that.” I don't remember anything in those three months. Just the pain of losing Edward, of loosing my future, of the jagged hole in my chest, not being able to breathe… I unwillingly flinched.

    “See? HE LEFT YOU BELLA! You thought he was this perfect guy, but he broke your heart. Then, I thought, you would finally realize how much I cared about you. But, no. You spend three months in some kind of coma. ALL of the girls were throwing stuff at you, tripping you, basically making your life Hell. But, did I let them? No. Did you see the error of your ways? Nope! You just ran to La Push with your tail between your legs right to someone else. Right to that pill-popping Indian Superman. The 3rd heart you broke.”


    “The 3rd of many.” Ouch, that hurts. Even if it isn't true. Wait, it ISN'T true! Why am I sitting here not defending myself? Oh yeah. All of the bad things I know about him came to me via Edward's power. If I said them, I would risk letting out his one of many secrets. I metaphorically locked up my mouth and waited for the blows.

    “Anything else?” Whoops, wrong thing to say. His anger flares up again, his face thinning out. I wonder what Edward looked like when he was mad as a human? Wow, random.

    “Yes, there's a WHOLE LOT OF ELSE! Every single time you go away from Forks, even for a second, you get in some sort of trouble. You left junior year, and you almost die. You leave senior year, and you are grounded for life. Even though you obviously hate this town, nothing bad has happened to you here. Get over it!”

    “Really, nothing? I can think of something. Meeting you!” I instantly regretted that, but it was something I could say that would jeopardize the Cullens, and that was good enough for me.

    “Really? You don't like me? I couldn't tell.”

    “Ha ha ha. Funny, surfer boy. I'm surprised you came up with that. Did Edward help?” Ooh, BURN!

    “Oh, shut up.”

    “I would say a whole lot more, but your bodyguards will probably be here any minute. So, I'll say one more thing, and this thing I hope you remember.”

    “What?” I braced myself for something painful.

    “Look up.” I looked into his face, and his eyes were tearing up, his face reddening like mine does whenever, well pretty much all the time.

    “I loved you, Bella. Thanks for breaking my heart.” He ran out of the room, leaving me stunned.


    When I walked out of the building, guilt coursing through me, I saw Edward leaning against the truck. I panicked, worried that he was reading Mike's mind and was planning his murder. But all I saw was sympathy in his eyes. For Mike or for me?


    “What? Can you read my mind?” I tried to laugh, but it came out as a cackle.

    “No, it was visible on your face.” Stupid face.

    “So, I want to know…”


    “Why aren't you killing Mike?”

    “Because I knew it wouldn't hurt you, well Alice assured me, and I knew Mike wasn't trying to hurt you.”

    “What was he trying to do, then?”

    “Feel better. He wants to like Jessica, but he was too mad at you. So, he thought if he did that, he would stop being mad. That's why I didn't kill him.”

    “That movie was wrong. You are so not like Mike.” He laughed.

    “Come here, you bad movie-watcher.” He pounced, ready to strike.

    “You can't make me!” I yelled, before running into the fog.


    A/N: Aww! Poor Mike. At first, I wanted to make it like he’s a jerk. But, so many fanfictions are like that. So, I did this instead.

    Review please!

  7. Bella banta

    January 23, 2009 at 2:16 am

    Sorry! It’s like Twilight!

  8. nutrition foods

    January 29, 2009 at 10:54 am

    Thanks for the info. May God have mercy on us all.

  9. Elsie M Aiken

    February 3, 2009 at 11:17 pm

    Excellent, entertaining, useful reading, Thanks !!

  10. Helen Atwood

    February 16, 2009 at 12:43 am

    your blog is awsome

  11. replicaloh

    February 17, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    Wow! I seriously love this concept!I'm always trying to think of blogging in a way like this.Constantly updating when I have something to say instead of blogging the day's event in a summarized form.

  12. Jasmine Lim

    February 17, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    Breaks out of the normal blogging style!It will definitely be the upcoming trend of blogging!

  13. Duple Ang

    February 17, 2009 at 10:39 pm

    Hope they can really do something to speed up the process.It's worth giving a try on it.

  14. ezditto

    February 18, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    Gonna set aside a day to fiddle with it!Pretty interesting!

  15. Ryan Low

    February 23, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    I didn't come across any blogs or websites that uses storytlr to show their daily events.Personally I felt that its special and I am considering to change my blog layout to it.However, the speed wise is still a bother.Hopefully,they could get it fix and allows us to enjoy all the features.

  16. jonaw

    February 23, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    This sounds like the concept of facebook, isn't it? Does it mean that we are able to customize the outlook of facebook through this website? How I wish that there are integrations to blog platforms too!

  17. Annie

    February 23, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    Agree that the concept is solid and the application is strong. Its a great way in expressing your daily or probably timely events.However it appears that the fairly slow appearing of the content is the issue. I guess they should be out sourcing for funds before other companies starts to overtake them

  18. Knee Pain

    March 6, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    This looks like a great platform to share your story. Should take off in a big way.

  19. Singapore Jobs

    March 9, 2009 at 8:41 am

    Thanks for sharing with us. I think its great.

  20. Back Pain

    March 12, 2009 at 11:02 am

    Not really sure if people are tracking stories.

  21. rosehathaway

    July 21, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    LOL thats silly but good. i would LOVE it if jacob was mean to bella.

  22. rosehathaway

    July 21, 2009 at 11:30 pm

    Is Me Smart?

    By: Camille Whitten

    This story starts off in an under-populated town called Strigoi… There was a very important boy that learned something no other person would ever learn… Quite awhile ago a boy named, Ham, was walking to school, when all of a sudden he remembered that he forgot his lunch.
    “Oh no!” Ham screamed. “I forgot my lunch!” He squealed. So he ran as fast as he could, which was exactly 1mph, back to his house, which was a mile away. One hour later he greeted his dad, Mr. Hobo, and grabbed his lunchbox. He put his ugly cell-phone in and his orange that he stole from the neighbor’s tree.
    When he was right outside his door his cell-phone rang, it was his dad who called him. Ham picked up the phone, “Hello?”
    “Hi Ham, it’s Sunday you don’t have to go to school.”
    Ham hung up the phone and walked right through his door. “Hello?” His dad was still talking on the home phone.
    “Dad! You didn’t have to call me! You could have just walked out the door!”
    “I thought you were a mile away already, and so I didn’t want to waste my energy with all that walking!” His dad shouted. You see… Mr. Hobo is almost always grumpy.
    “WHATEVER!” Ham shouted. Ham watched his dad walk over to the couch and sit down, and just to tell you… Mr. Hobo isn’t what you call the “smart one” because right now he has a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
    @_@ D:<
    Ham then walked to his room and got out his cell-phone. He dialed his friend, MNM’s, number. It kept ringing, and then MNM picked up the phone. “Hello?”
    “Oh hi MNM, this is Ham.”
    “Oh. I thought you were still mad at me.”
    “And why might I be mad at you?”
    “Remember… I was eating a flower, and then you got mad at me because I did what you said not to.”
    “No, I don’t remember that must have been you’re psycho mind.”
    “Oh. So then you forgive me?”
    “Um… forget it. Yeah I forgive you.”
    “Thank you.” It sounded like he was crying a little.
    “Ok… oh yeah!!! I forgot to tell you. The town is having this party for being un-known to most people.”
    “Really?!? Are you going? Because if you are. I’m totally going to hang with you there.”
    “No, I’m not going. It sounds like something Michael Jacky would go to.”
    “Oh.” He sounded disappointed.
    “OK. Well that’s all. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”
    “Who am I talking to again?”
    “Nobody. Now bye…” Ham hung up the phone. Ham didn’t realize it was already time for dinner. “DAD! I’M HUNGRY!” Ham yelled.
    “Well stop being lazy, and come over here to make you’re self some meatloaf!” Mr. Hobo yelled back.
    “Ew.” Ham mumbled.
    Next couple of days passed by and Ham finally figured it out! Everyone in the small Strigoi town was either dumb or crazy. And it turned out that Ham was actually the smartest person in the whole entire town!
    He made it into the newspaper and this is what it said, “Smartest person in Strigoi town is a kid?!? Ham Hobo has been made mayor because the old mayor was crazy!!!”
    ?THE END!?

  23. rosehathaway

    July 21, 2009 at 11:52 pm

    Oh my gosh. I can't wait till I think of a new story.

  24. rosehathaway

    July 24, 2009 at 11:13 pm

    Bon and Diabolique Vampires

    By: Camille Whitten

    My name is Lilac and I will tell you a little of what an average day is like being a Bon Vampire.
    “Wake up!” Celeste hissed. She is my best friend, and the only one to really understand me.
    “What do you want?” I moaned. I was still tired.
    “It’s time to hunt!” I immediately turned on. Not like I actually have an On and Off switch.
    “Oh! Wow. Now that you remind me I’m starving!” I got out of my bed and changed into a dark purple shirt, a pair of black jeans, and dark purple high-heels. “Shall we?” I made a motion toward the door. “Yes, I think we shall.” She wore a red shirt, a pair of jeans, and red slippers.

    I opened the door and motioned for Celeste to go first. I walked outside after her and closed the door. But I didn’t lock it because we have our own guards for our mansion, they were ghosts but they did a quite good job at scaring robbers and other people like that.
    “Ok. Where should we go tonight for our prey?” I said.
    “I was thinking about going to the mall there are a lot of tasty people there.” Celeste said.
    “Mmm. Sounds good. Let us get some people snacks.” Celeste giggled with excitement. We got into our red mustang and drove off to the mall. When we got to the mall we jumped out of the car and walked off to see what kind of people we could find. I first looked in Macys and found a woman that looked healthy and delicious. “I pick her.” I said.
    “Nice pick. You should go use you’re magic on her before she leaves.” Celeste pointed to the woman that was walking out of the store.
    “Oh! You go on and find you’re person with out me.” I walked over to the woman and decided to use my compelling power. “Hello. I would like you to come with me now. But don’t scream or panic or you’ll attract attention.” I said it in a menacing voice so that my compelling power would be stronger. She nodded and followed me to Celeste’s car. “Get inside the car please.” I added my manners because I didn’t like being rude. Celeste finally came back with a man that looked just as healthy as my human. We all got inside the car and drove back to our mansion. We told the two people to go into the feeding room. And of course they walked to the door that said Feeding on it. We followed them in. They stood still and they were showing their necks toward us. My strawberry-blond hair got in my eyes so then I put my hair up in a pony-tail. Celeste thought that that was a good idea so she too put her blond hair up in a pony-tail. I smiled at her and my face said practically said, “It’s go time.” We both went toward our person and drank their blood. The good thing about being a Bon Vampire was that when we bit a person the person would not feel a thing and they would actually think of the bite as a soft cloud. But being a Diabolique Vampire it made the person think that they were with their worst nightmare. The Diabolique Vampire’s love to torture people and that is why we hate those vampires so much. When I was lost in thought I finally realized that I was full. A couple minutes later Celeste was done too. We ordered the people to leave while they can and never come back. We also told them to not tell a soul what happened to them. “That was good.” I said with a smirk on my face.
    “Yeah. We should tell the maids to clean this up.”Celeste said.
    “Yeah I guess.” I pushed the button to summon the maids. The maids came in a couple of minutes. I told them thank you and then they got to work. “You know what?” I asked Celeste while we were on our way to the living room.
    “I think we should get back at some Diabolique Vampire’s. I know where some live. They live in a house in France.” I said it with a bit of excitement.
    “Wow. I think that’s a great idea! We could get out our stakes and burn them up with our fire magic!” Celeste sounded like she thought about this before.
    “Do you want me to summon some Bon Vampire Fighters?” I asked.
    “Yeah, sure that would be great.”
    “Ok. I will summon them now.” I said. “Come Bon Vampire Fighters we need ten of you. We need help with defeating Diabolique Vampires. Come now!” I heard talking in my head and then ten Bon Vampires appeared in the living room. “Please tell us you’re names.”
    The first girl had short black hair and an almost silver eye color, and she said, “My name is Jordyn. I will do anything to help defeat a Diabolique Vampire.” I smiled at her and the next person was a man that looked the same age as me, (I’m 20 years old.) he had golden brown hair and blue eyes just like mine. He said, “My name is Christian. And I will do anything to help you.” I giggled and then smiled at him. The rest of the peoples names were, Ebony, she had brown eyes just like Celeste she also had dark brown hair, Stan, he had blond hair and green eyes, Ella, she had brown hair and purple eye contacts on, Jill, she had brown hair and an almost black colored eyes, Alex, he had green eyes and blond hair, Tom, he had brown hair and brown eyes, Jim, he had red hair and brown eyes, and last but not all, Daisy, she had long black hair and a black eye color. After we all introduced ourselves we made a plan to kill the Diabolique vampires that lived in France. There was at least five Diabolique Vampires in that house so we made positions for everyone. I was with the first group to go inside, I was with Celeste and Christian. Then after we would go inside another group of three would follow us inside. There were three windows in the house so two Vampires would stand guard at each window. There was no back door so that was a relief because we didn’t have enough Vampires to guard the back door. We left the next morning to France on me and Celeste’s private jet. France was only an hour away from where I live so the plane trip was pretty fast. When we landed we bought a couple rental cars and we drove of to the small house with evil Vampires. When we got to the house our plan was in act so my group was the first to go inside. I opened the door and realized it was totally dark inside. I made a fireball in my hand to light the way. We were right by what looked like a kitchen and all of a sudden five Diabolique Vampires jumped at us. “Whoa! Watch out everyone!” I shouted. Then we started fighting. I took on the Vampire that looked the biggest. Soon after Christian was finished with his Diabolique Vampire he joined me and I threw a fireball at the Diabolique Vampire. He lit on fire. He started screaming. I put my hands over my ears. As if it would help. Christian got out his stake and staked the Diabolique Vampire. I soon went to help Celeste with her Vampire. We killed that one and we went to help the others. With Christian on our side we couldn’t ever get hurt it seemed like. When we were all done with fighting the Diabolique Vampires inside we walked around to check and see if there were any more.
    “I don’t think there are any more.” Said Christian.
    “I guess you’re right.” I said. We walked outside the door and found the Bon Vampires who were guarding the windows fighting. They were all sharing one Diabolique Vampire to fight. We watched as the others defeated the Diabolique Vampires.
    After we were done, I told the Vampires that they could teleport back to where they came from.
    “But I don’t want to go.” Christian whined. I stared at him in disbelief first of all because he was whining and second of all why would he want to stay with us?
    “Well what do you think Celeste?” I said.
    “I don’t know it seems like you’re up to it. So I guess it would be ok.” She smiled at me as if saying that I liked him. I stared hard at her as if I didn’t like him. But I guess I really didn’t know.
    “Ok. I guess you can stay at our mansion. We have like a million rooms in the house anyway.” I sighed. Christian smiled at me with his angel face. And we walked off to the rental cars and we each drove our own back to the rental place. Then we got onto our plane and flew back to our mansion. Everything seemed like it was gonna be ok. Christian always seemed to act goofy around me now. Or maybe that was just my imagination. The ending isn’t always happy though.

    The End

  25. rosehathaway

    July 24, 2009 at 11:15 pm

    I will put my newest stories on here whenever I make my next small story. Or something like that.

  26. rosehathaway

    July 26, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    Skeletons in the Waters

    By: Camille Whitten

    I was watching the dolphins pass by, until I heard, “This is the place! Stop the boat!” Our captain, Yutora, said. “Camille! Go help the others to lower the anchor!”
    “Yes captain!” I said. I went over to where Gorgia and Sally were trying to lift the anchor up. I then helped them and got the anchor off the boat and into the water. I walked over to Yutora. “Um, captain?” I asked. She looked at me.
    “What?” She asked in a mean voice.
    “Don’t you know that there is a curse in these waters?” I asked.
    “Yes, Camille. I’ve heard that myth before.” She said.
    “It’s not a myth! It’s true! The whispers told me so.” I said. I always had these whispers in my head and they always told me a lot of important stuff.
    “Look I know you’re not crazy. But I don’t believe in myths.” She said. I then pouted away. I walked over to Tom. “Do you need any help mopping Tom?” I asked.
    “Yeah sure go get that mop over there and start mopping in that far corner.” Tom said.
    “Ok.” I said. I went over and got the mop and started to work. I heard the captain call out crew member for them to go dive down and get the treasure. I watched them all get into the little boat to dive down into the ocean. I watched the first guy dive down and when he came back up he looked scared and he said, “Don’t get the treasure!” He screamed. And then a skeletal hand came out from the water and pulled the guy underwater. Then I started hearing the whispers in my head telling me to go away from here. The captain made the next girl dive down. But she never came back up from the dive. The whispers became into commands, and the commands became into screams. I covered my ears as if it would help. “Don’t make anymore people go into the waters!” I screamed. The captain ignored me and made the next person go into the water to get the treasure. Right when he touched the water a huge storm started I then passed out. When I woke up I was on a beach and green was surrounding me. I looked to the side of me and saw Abbey almost dead. “Abbey are you ok?!?” She didn’t answer. “Are You Ok?!?!?!?” I asked once more. I then got out my healing water and put a drop in her mouth. She opened her eyes slowly. She looked around and then asked, “Where am I?”
    “We must have drifted off to this island when the storm hit.” I said.
    “Wow. The last thing I remember is, you screaming and the boat making this cracking noise.” She then looked surprised.
    “Well. We might as well go find the others,” I said.
    “Yeah I guess.” Abbey said. I pointed to the right of her.
    “Let’s go that way.” She nodded. We walked over that way. Fifteen minutes passed and we found a hut looking thing. “Let’s go in there.” I said.
    “Ok.” Abbey said. I walked in first.
    “Anybody home?” I asked.
    “Yes. Please come in.” A man said. We walked into the room where the man was.
    “We were wondering if you would know where the others are?” I asked.
    “Yeah I know where they are.” The man said.
    “Ok… Go on…” Abbey said.
    “They are in the deepest valley in the waters.” He said.
    “Ok… Anything else Mr.?” I asked.
    “There is evil surrounding them. And to defeat the evil you need to use this orb.” He pulled an orb out of his pocket. The orb was a white one and very shiny and pretty. “You need to say, “Light, light, come out of the sky, kill the evil, and you’ll come out strong!”, then you have to put the orb up to the sky.” The old man looked crazy but wise.
    “Ok. That’s all?” Abbey asked. He nodded and handed me the orb. I stared at the orb for a second. And when I looked back at the man to say thank you he disappeared. I looked at Abbey she shrugged; she had a scared look on her face. “Whatever. Let’s go find the deepest valley.” Abbey nodded still kind of shocked. We walked the same direction that we were going earlier. After about fifteen minutes passed we found a valley and a trail that went through the valley. After a little while, it was almost dark, we found a circular pool of water. We both looked inside the pool and found all of the crew members inside the water. They were waving their arms with a scared look on their face. I turned to look at Abbey and then saw skeletons jump out of the water. “Oh my gosh!” I said. “What did that old man say again? Oh yeah. Light, light, come out of the sky, kill the evil, and you’ll come out strong!” I reached for the orb that was in my pocket and put it up in the sky. A blinding light came into the orb. I closed my eyes because it was it was so bright. When I opened my eyes the skeletons were gone and every single one of our crew replaced the skeletons. Abbey hugged me. Then everyone came and thanked me and Abbey for saving them. Me and Abbey became best friends, and became heroes all around the world; we were also treated like royalty. Now I have to say goodbye. Maybe you can come again and have a good time.

    The End

  27. rosehathaway

    July 26, 2009 at 11:23 pm

    Maybe I'll be able to make up another story and another and another. HEEHEE. Maybe I mite even get reviews. maybe…. maybe maybe maybe…

  28. peachwhit

    July 28, 2009 at 3:32 am

    Very creative. Keep on writing, you definitely have a knack for it.

  29. fiftiesgirl108

    February 11, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    the 4th sector of my life.
    1 irish mom and dad, enough said nuns et al, enough said
    2 married to get away from said irish mom an decease dad
    3 pregnant at 16 and married at 17
    4 pregnant again at 17 n 18
    5 lost son at 19
    6 husband couldn't handle loss and beat the crap out of and the precious girls left behind an me
    7 left him
    8 protectd the girls and cursed my life
    9 cursed Dr. Pomerants wanting me to take the guy who beat me and my babies back'
    10 this was 1972 delayed reac

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