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educadium.pngBased in Portland, Oregon, Educadium is a unique online classroom/school that provides something that has been a long time coming: education in specific fields for corporate or individual use. The company started in 2008 as a collaboration between a group of dedicated teachers and technologists who wanted to provide more business-friendly education online.

Users can sign up for single courses or to take a suite of classes aimed towards a final education destination such as competence in a new programming language, software suite, business management, etc.

While Educadium doesn’t offer any accredited courses or degrees, their focus is not on traditional classroom education, but rather is on specific-need education. They aim to enhance employee productivity and value by teaching job-specific skills as well as general education centered around the business climate.

HR managers or group managers can create a virtual classroom for employees to visit, learn in, participate in specific courses, etc. This portal can act as the management solution for your company’s learning needs.

At the same time, if you are an educator or someone with specific knowledge you think could be taught through the Educadium system, you can sign up to become a professor there and build your own classrooms around your training materials.

This is a great idea that has been needed in the business climate of today. With things so fast-paced, most colleges and universities can’t keep up with current trends and often management has the right person for the job, but they’re missing one key skillset or weak in another. Freelancers might find this a great way to enhance their skills without having to make time to attend standard educational classroom settings.

Educadium’s price structure is based on your needs. Most will find it reasonable, starting at $14.99/month.