Adobe BrowserLab Takes On Microsoft’s SuperPreview in Head-to-Head Browser Previews

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Adobe BrowserLab
Adobe BrowserLab

Adobe is now offering a free preview of its new BrowserLab service, which is an answer to Microsoft’s recently-debuted SuperPreview.  Unlike the PC-only, single machine application that Microsoft is offering, Adobe’s new tool is Web-based and thus portable.

Both applications compare websites in multiple browsers so that developers can see how well their work is appearing in different browsers.  This comparison of sites in browsers is a big part of cutting-edge development and one of the most tedious parts of development work.

CNet News did a good job of outlining how this works in a recent article.

Adobe’s BrowserLab requires only that the computer connecting have Flash 10 installed and otherwise will run on any platform that can connect to the site.  For now, BrowserLab is in free beta preview.

MS SuperPreview
MS SuperPreview

This new tool from Adobe may actually be a step above the Microsoft offering since SuperPreview, when it debuted earlier this year, had only Internet Explorer comparison functions working.  No new word from Microsoft on what kind of additional functionality their software will have, though they have promised multiple platform and browser in the final version of SuperPreview, which is due out later this year.

BrowserLab, however, is currently showcasing Mozilla browsers, Safari, two versions of IE, and even Chrome in its testing.

The only thing holding back BrowserLab from ultimate usefulness?  It doesn’t show sites in Internet Explorer 6 like SuperPreview does.  Uh-oh.

Joking aside, the new tool is a definite boon to developers and designers everywhere!