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twitter_video.jpgAs Twitter continues to gain in popularity, so do the number and types of applications for it. There are literally thousands of websites and stand-alone apps for Twitter. From your desktop, phone, mobile, and more, you can get to your tweets.

Some apps enhance how we interact with Twitter, some make it easier to access Twitter from remote locations, others allow you to expand your tweets to include photos and compress URLs for sharing. Now, there are a number of apps for sharing video too. While there isn’t exactly a YouTwitter yet, but…you guessed it, there is a TweetTube.

Here are our favorites for tweeting videos to your followers.

tweettube-logoTweettube – This one is kind of cool, but limited. Mostly, it’s a way to share YouTube links, but it allows Mac OS X users to directly record and host web cam videos up to 25 seconds long. It also allows multiple photo uploads via web or email.

twitclogoTwitc – This isn’t really a video hosting service so much as it is a file hosting service for Twitter. You can host just about anything here: files, video, pictures, etc. You can import video links from YouTube, Hulu, and direct URLs to files as well.

twitenslogo5TwitLENS – Handling both images and video, TwitLENS allows multiple uploads at once, up to 50mb per file, mobile uploads, and even anonymous uploading. It uses Twitter’s Oauth for secure logins and you can tag photos/videos with usernames (so you can make a square on someone and put @thisdude, like Facebook tagging). Tagged people get auto-tweets to link to the media. – For basic video sharing beyond YouTube links, has it. In fact, it’s second only to yfrog for simplicity. You can upload video via the Web, email, and they’re working on a web cam direct app. Video pages feature a list of tweets referring to the vid and videos you find surfing through the site can be retweeted right there. Login is using your Twitter credentials, of course.

bb0cb_yfrog-logoYfrog – Also a picture sharing app, yfrog has one thing that no one else does: total simplicity. We’ve mentioned it before, as a photo sharing app, but it also allows video uploads for sharing. Made by ImageShack, it’s the least cluttered of the apps we look at here. Yfrog is integrated into both TweetDeck desktop and iPhone apps.

There are plenty of other apps for video sharing, of course, but these are the top pics for us. Why? Well, each has something to offer that others don’t.

For pure video/photo sharing, you can’t really beat yfrog for its speed and simple approach. is right behind it in that regard and ads a couple of extras that you don’t get through yfrog. In fact, probably has the best user interface for social networking of all the apps we looked at here.

For pure versatility, it doesn’t get much better than Twitc, though. For fast, multiple uploads and tons of interaction, TwitLENS has a lot of cool stuff too. Finally, Tweettube is the least favorite for us, but for some reason has a strong, core following that love it.

Overall, each of us here at Rev2 have a different favorite because we each use Twitter a little differently. How about you? What’s your favorite video sharing service for Twitter and why?

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