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siteslike.pngWebsites that compare one site to another or link similar things, like apps or software, for comparison are not new., however, is different.

Taking a more proactive approach, SitesLike attempts to link comparable or complementary sites by relevance using both a a safe browsing test using Google Safe Browsing (to make sure each site is safe) and user voting and linking to build solid matches.

The way it works isn’t as complicated as all that sounds, of course.

A user visiting SitesLike enters a new website to link, along with some keywords for matching purposes.  A captcha verifies that it’s not a robot doing the entering and then the site is put into the SitesLike database.  The database then compares keywords and finds matches (if any) while offering the user the chance to enter sites like the one just entered for automatic matching.

Other users to SitesLike can search for sites by relevant keywords or see the latest entries on the front page and click through.  When they find a site to look at, they are presented with sites considered comparable.  Users can then vote up or down to verify the comparability.  Each vote raises or lowers the correlative comparison, making or breaking the link.

Sites that are inappropriate or mislabeled can be flagged by users as such so an administrator can check them, of course, and sites that are offensive or that engage in spam or other questionable activities are removed and banned.  Banned sites can petition for re-admittance, especially if wrongfully flagged by the Google Safe system.

SitesLike is totally free to use and a very interesting and possibly catchy concept.  It is, however, somewhat complicated to explain, which limits its word-of-mouth spread and it’s very new, so currently most of the sites available in the database are large, well-known sites like Amazon and Bing.

Eventually, though, this could become a popular destination for those looking to network with like-minded sites or find new avenues for exploration on their favorite subjects or ideas.

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