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sparefootIf you have stuff to store or maybe an empty shed or garage you’d like to make some money from, is for you.  This is an open market for storage where buyers can find storage space reasonably and sellers can rent out their space quickly.

Every kind of storage imaginable is available with listings running the gamut.  Some are garages, some are self-serve storage facilities, some are sublets of storage closets, and others are backyard sheds or extra parking spots.

Users looking for storage space, whether it’s temporary or long-term, can search SpareFoot by size, location, cost, and amenities that might be included.  For instance, if you have a motorcycle to park and you find someone with a spare space in their garage nearby, you can find out if it’s heated and how easily you can gain access to it to get to your bike.  Or maybe you’re going on a lengthy vacation and would like to store your valuables somewhere.  Using SpareFoot, you could find a lower-cost secure storage facility or vault space.

This web portal and market facilitator has had a lot of coverage in recent months.  It’s a truly innovative idea with a lot of potential and use.  It was formerly known as Homstie and changed its name earlier this year.

There are two ways to find storage on the site: search for it, find what you’re looking for, and book it.  Or you can post a request with all of your requirements and criteria and wait for storage renters to come to you with offers.

For those with space to rent, you can list your space for free and include as much information as you can.  Wait for applications and accept or reject them as you see fit (based on their profile, usually).  You can even interact with the potential customer via the site’s message system to get more information or iron out details.  Once the offer is accepted, book an appointment with the client and start collecting rent from them.

Of course, the site comes with a huge caveat emptor: where you store your stuff is up to you, but you take the risks if it’s not secure or cared for.  Those who have space to rent can avoid some of the legal problems that could arise by using a customized lease agreement, which can be purchased from SpareFoot on the site.

Overall, though, this is a great idea and I can see a lot of people using this and saving some cash (or making some) here.  Great idea for sure!