Sonoteca – Play Games in Worldwide Competition and Win Stuff

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sonotecaIf you’re tired of the same old Facebook plugins or the usual Twitter “competitions” out there, this might be for you.  With Sonoteca, you can win real prizes playing fun games against competition that is truly world wide.

It’s free to sign up and play and there are two basic types of games: music or images-based.  Based mostly on pop culture, the games brings up music or images that you must guess the correct label (name or title) for.  Each correct guess earns you points.  Here’s the rub: you have to answer before anyone else does, so fast is best.

For instance, if you join the image game, the image you’re presented with is being shown to potentially hundreds of others around the world.  Whomever clicks first on the correct answer wins the points for that round.  Competition continues until you quit or you earn enough points to join the JOKER Tournament.

In that tournament, you can use your points to “buy in” for competition and then you play for real prizes.  These can be anything from gift cards to iTunes credits or even physical gifts like phones or music players.

Points can also be spent in the site’s Flower Shop where bonuses for the player’s abilities (earlier delivery, bonus points for correct answers, etc.) can be had.  Extra “lives” to avoid elimination from a round can also be purchased this way.

The games are Flash-based and very fun.  Some require you type in your answer, others are multiple-choice.  They get pretty addicting, though, so be sure you have some time available when you check out their site.  It’s completely free to play.