Twitter Feed – Publishing Your Blog to Twitter in Real Time

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Wedding JoJo - Build a Website for Your Big Day is probably the most well-known and used feed apps for sending site information (mostly blogs) to Twitter.  A lot of people use it, including CNN, the Wall Street Journal, the White House, and myself.  It’s considered the best tool for this job and it recently got even better.

At its most basic, you set up an account at Twitterfeed with your Twitter information, ad your RSS feed (or feeds), and the app will publish your feeds to Twitter automatically, as they’re received.  That’s nice, but most blogging software like WordPress has plugins for that.  Right?  So why is that special?

Well, first off, it’s reliable.  Second, that’s just the beginning of what Twitterfeed can do.  It also publishes to your Facebook account, and it can use PubSubHubbub to do all of this in near-real-time.  Twitterfeed also can link to your account for integration with your stats management there and can use UTM tags for Google Analytics as well.

Recent improvements make it even more powerful, with several back-end updates having been made in October to increase the site’s reliability and ability to handle more feeds and data.  Those happened because Twitterfeed, once a one-man show (by its creator Mario Menti, a Londoner) sold a majority stake to betaworks and The Accelerator Group, which added more developers and funding.  As Menti put it, it was getting to big for him to do alone and would soon reach a point of breaking its current ability with the number of users climbing fast.  It appears he made the right choice.

Twitterfeed is popular for a reason (350,000+ users).  It’s easy to use, it’s free (unless you want advanced features), and it’s a great, reliable tool.  It’s entirely Web-based, so there’s no software or downloads, and its definitely worth using.  You can sign in using any of a number of popular IDs: AOL, Google, Yahoo.

Definitely a service worth using if you aren’t already.