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wingifyThere are apps and product suites meant to optimize your website for SEO, for perfecting marketing strategies, and even for semantic content.  Now, claims to be an all-in-one suite that combines a top-down analysis of a website to make it convert browsers into buyers at a better rate.

Conversion rates aren’t anything new, of course.  They’re the base numbers that most webrepreneurs use to calculate ROI and expected incomes for business proposals.  What Wingify aims to do is make those numbers bigger by showing you how to optimize your site’s appeal and conversion rates.

The app basically combines several smaller apps that, individually, do one part of the overall testing.  A split testing, a behavioral targeting, a visitor segmenting, a semantic targeting, and a web analytics/funnel analysis app each do their thing through Wingify.  The results are combined to show you, in one place, an integrated set of steps you can take to modify your site for maximum conversions.

Wingify just launched in October and claims that pre-launch clients saw a 50-90% increase in conversion rates, lowering their total marketing costs by 10-20% (higher conversions mean fewer eyeballs needed, which means less marketing).

The best part about Wingify is that all of these analytic tools are in one location and can be installed at the same time.  Marketing people know that quite often, it requires a full time staff to do proper analytics like those done by Wingify, and can take weeks to complete with any returns being seen.

Although the changes aren’t overnight, it’s possible to make some serious headway into increasing your conversion rates in less than two weeks with Webify.

Installing Wingify is easy: one line of javascript on your site pages and its done.  The real work comes in setting up Wingify itself, through their Web app.  You can conduct four serious tests, each of which will give you some great feedback on their own, but combined they can give you a lot of input worth having.

With A/B Split Testing, you can test variants of your ads, text, color schemes, etc. to see which gets better results.  These are mainly focused on “buy” or “checkout” type buttons for the quick sale, but also on the product listing or page itself.

Using Multivariate Testing, more elements of the page can be tested to show you which ones, combined, are bringing the best results.  This is sort of a larger scheme of the A/B split.

Product Pricing Tests are exactly what they seem: the price is varied within your parameters to see which price attracts the most buyers.  It’s not always the lowest one, many marketers know, it’s the one that seems (somehow) to be the most appealing that gets the sale.

Finally, the old standby of Landing Page Optimization is also included, which does a sort of Multivariate on individual landing pages, but focuses on SEO with the mix.

There are other capabilities as well, but with Wingify, those are the big four that most of the focus is on. Others, such as Dynamic Mashups, Behavioral Targeting, and Semantic Targeting are mostly mixed in with the Testing items already listed.

The price tag for all of this depends on the size and scope of your project.  They start at $500 (one time fee) and go up.  You’re not just buying access to the app, though.  You’re getting a team of people who use the app to analyze and give feedback for your site.

Wingify is a Delhi-based startup that launched publicly in October.

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