3 Totally Useful iPhone Apps for Your Commute

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trafficrage.jpgAre you part of the 9-5 daily mob that hit the streets in the morning and drags yourself home at night, spending as much time on the commute (it seems) as you did at work?  Then what happens if you have to deviate from your usual plans to meet someone or because of transit or road changes?

Well, have no fear!  The iPhone has a lot of apps geared towards the problems commuters face.  The built in maps and compass are just the beginning.  Here are three that most will find indispensable.

Aha: Stuck in traffic?  Wondering what the heck is going on up there, holding everything up?  Ask and ye shall receive, kemosabe!  Aha gives real-time traffic information based on your GPS location and route (direction).  It also shows you possible ways around the obstacle or where to turn off if you’ve got an imminent potty break coming.

Transit Maps: If you ride public transit (buses, subway, etc.), this is the app for you.  It links to your public transit authority and downloads the latest maps as PDFs, which are easily read on your iPhone.  These are the latest, most up-to-date maps the authority will have to offer and you won’t have to wade through their website on your phone looking for them.

Bike Your Drive: Not interested in driving?  Proud to be green on your two wheeler?  Then REI can help you with their little app.  Using your iPhone’s GPS, this app shows you the best bicycle route and even gives you the feel-good kudos by showing you how much gas you saved and how many calories you burned (not including that Snicker’s you ate en route).

These awesome iPhone apps prove two things: getting around isn’t nearly as hard as it seems to be and it’s always true that “there’s an app for that.”