iPad Pre-order and Release Dates Announced

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Well, readers here should already know that we’ve heard enough about the iPad already, but Apple made another announcement today.  The iPad will be available in the U.S. on April 3, in stores and online, and pre-orders can be made starting a week from today (Friday, March 12).

Two models will be available: the Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi 3G.  Next Friday, they’ll both be in the Apple store at Apple.com.  Store orders will ship to arrive on April 3 or you can pick up yours at a local Apple outlet store.  Base price for the iPad is $499 and battery life is about ten hours.

The base model has 16GB of memory, which can be doubled for another $100 or tripled for another $200.  Wi-Fi+3G models won’t be available until later in April and will have a base price of $629 for 16GB and going up in $100 increments for the 32 and 64GB options.

The other denizens of the world will see the iPad roll out throughout the year.  Most of Europe plus Australia and Canada will get theirs in late April and then Asia and other markets will see it later in the year.  Some apps, such as the iBooks reader and the iBookstore app for accessing electronic book titles will be a free download (books themselves will still require purchase).

Computerworld’s Mitch Wagner plans to camp out to get his iPad on release day.  John Biggs at Crunchgear plans to make do with his NotePod Plus until the release date.  Whatever a NotePod is.

Regardless, there are some of us who are looking forward to April 4, when all the iPod buzz will be over with.  I, for one, certainly hope the iPad won’t be taking the place of this year’s iPhone upgrade..

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