Verizon to Get An iPhone?

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The Internet is abuzz with the latest Wall Street Journal entry about the iPhone.  And it’s a whopper.  About this time every year, news leaks from Apple begin to emerge regarding the latest generation of iPhone, which traditionally is released in June.  This year is no different, but it marks a huge change in the way Apple is (apparently) going to operate.

The news is that an iPhone for the CDMA network (Verizon, Sprint) is on its way.  This is huge as it would not only mean the end of AT&T’s monopoly on iPhone connections, but also competition for several other popular smart phone platforms that have, until now, been on Apple-free networks.

Of course, this speculation is based entirely on “inside sources” over at the WSJ, but that doesn’t mean they’re untrue.  Apple routinely uses targeted news leaks to generate media buzz and to create brushfires of free advertising in the blogosphere.

The AppleInsider, however, takes a different view and sees this rumor as just another annual rumor that Apple is finally planning to end exclusivity with AT&T.  This opinion can’t be discounted as the rumor of the iPhone hitting other networks has been persistent for years.

What is overlooked is something new this time around: who’s making the CDMA iPhone.  TechCrunch pointed that out immediately.  Unlike previous rumors about a non-AT&T iPhone, this one has the name of a manufacturer for the new phone’s innards named: Pegatron Technology Corp.  The phones are also said to be scheduled for production in September, so they’d likely be on the shelf for holiday sales.

All-in-all, it’s another productive day of Apple rumors.