Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Torrid Love Affair Outed!

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In business and to the public, Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) and Steve Jobs (founder of Apple Computers) are are bitter rivals.  In reality, they’ve been conducting a secret, well-hidden love affair that has lasted decades.  In fact, the two met before either the Seattle Giant or the Bitten Apple were even conceived.

As you can see here, the two were good friends in college and it is believed that their secret affair may have begun at this point.  At the time, gay love was not considered socially correct and the two likely covered their tracks for this reason.  Later, of course, the “head to head” competition between their two companies would serve as a marketing bonanza, so the secrecy was likely kept in order to foster that paradigm.

Recently, however, the two moguls have been seen together many times publicly and not always just for business.  It may be that they’re tired of the charade and have decided to slowly introduce their secret to the world.

During a recent interview, hints were dropped as Gates mentioned his “quiet” home life and Jobs has been seen visiting Seattle, Washington in his private jet more than once.

Now the two men can be seen, without escort, having dinner together and possibly a lover’s quarrel at an exclusive restaurant in San Francisco:

It’s likely that the two supposed rivals will soon be coming out of the closet.

Possibly as soon as April Fools is over.