Toshiba’s New Dual-Screen Libretto W100 Tablet

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Toshiba unveiled its dual-touch-screen Libretto W100 notebook yesterday and the clamshell with no physical keyboard was an instant blogosphere hit.

The little computer has two 7-inch touch screen displays (1024×600) and has a 1.2GHz Intel Pentium U5400 processor to back it up.  A keyboard can appear on the bottom screen and the device can be turned in various directions to change how things appear on the screens.  So when reading a book, holding it upright will have page one on the left and page two on the right.

Engadget gave a glowing hands-on review of the device, which will be sold in limited quantities at about $1,000 each as Toshiba tests the market for the idea.

VentureBeat pegs the dimensions at 4.84 x 7.95 x1.2 inches (height, width, thickness) and only 1.8 pounds.  The little LIbretto also has force-feedback, so games and typing can feel realistic and give a return to the user.  Much like many smart phones use very light vibrations to give keyboard feedback on-screen.

A very cool device, the Libretto will hit the market in limited quantities in about a month and if successful, will likely be re-released later this fall for the Christmas market.  The device is capable of responding to multiple finger touches and on more than one screen at a time as well.

Very cool as a fully-functional notebook computer.