Eventbrite Gets Cosier With Facebook

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eventbriteThe successful online ticketing start-up site Eventbrite is (according to its press releases) the world’s largest fastest growing event ticketing and promotion site. The site tries to make it easy for organizations to manage event administration including ticketing, registrations and promotion in a one-stop solution. They’ve managed to sell almost 18,000,000 tickets to date since their launch back before 2006.

Recently, they’ve joined the social media bandwagon by integrating ticket purchases with Facebook profiles using the Facebook connect APIs. After buying a ticket using the site, you can share the purchase via your Facebook profile. However the integration has been stepped up a gear, and now logging in to Eventbrite using your Facebook ID will show you a list of recommendations based on your friends’ Eventbrite purchases. As long as your friends have opted in to share the information that is. Online recommendations aren’t a new thing in Facebook but Eventbrite should make the online conversion rate better. You’re more likely to want to go to something that your friends are going to.

An interesting new feature is the “event graph” which is for Eventbrite events and should help increase revenue from sales for event organisers. More ticket sales means more revenue for Eventbrite.  Next steps may include the ability to pay for tickets using Facebook credit or a tie-in with Facebook games where points turn into ticket discounts.