Stribe, a Different Way to Social Networking on Your Website

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StribeStribe, winners of the LeWeb start-up competition, has recently released an API that should make its offering even more useful to webmasters. With the rise of social networking, web sites have been trying to drive traffic by tapping into the web 2.0 scene.

There are many ways to do this e.g. Facebook, Ning or Meebo. However the big drawback is that these networks do not operate as part of your own website. You lose control over user interface issues and behind the scenes coding as it’s not actually your network that facilitates the social side of things.

This is where Stribe steps in. Stribe’s goal is to move the network back to your site and it does that by placing a social networking layer over any site. It’s free and very easy for web developers to add to sites. The interface can be customised, for example the bar colour can be changed to fit with another colour scheme or banished all together.

Stribe provides built-incentives for members of your community, including the ability to accumulate points, customizable badges and the ability to access all Stribed websites using only one set of login details.

Not only do your web visitors find a way to communicate with each other without leaving your site, they also tap into the Stribe community, one that’s rapidly growing. Scribe can also help you to discover websites that are in the same line of business that you are.

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