OneTrueFan Goes Beta

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OneTruFanOneTrueFan, the service that lets users check-in to websites much like on FourSquare, has opened its doors to beta testing. That’s only 3 months after announcing that they were alpha testing! The service lets visitors to websites earn badges in return for interacting and sharing content on the site. As with other check-in services, there is a game element where others can see what social connections shared or read on the site. Also competition is possible where users are encouraged to share and contribute content on other social networking sites.

Any activity via OneTrueFan gets converted into points and badges from websites. There are leader-boards for the site and you can see your competitors’ activities and scores which are all displayed on an interactive player bar at the bottom of the site.

New features for the beta include an overhaul of the UI as well as a redesign of the player bar. Now web publishers can install OneTrueFan directly onto their sites instead of before where visitors had to download and install a browser plugin. There are news feeds which take your Tweets and present a list of suggested links depending on what you and your contacts have shared. The order in which the links are ranked is based on your friends (and strangers) and how many times they’ve visited and shared the URL. This reports back to website owners who get real-time info on what their users are most interested around the web.

There’s more than just checking-in on offer here with interactivity and data mining all going on in the background. However, OneTrueFan needs to get a critical mass user-base before it can be truly useful.