Magic Charger – Inductive Charging is Cool

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The Magic Charger is a new wireless charger for the Mac’s Magic Mouse from Mobee Technology.  It sets up very quickly and works really well.

You put the special batteries (included) into the mouse and from then on, recharging only requires that you put the mouse on the charger (just set it there, anywhere on it) and it charges.  The batteries hold charge for about six days of normal use, but you can charge them as much as you’d like.

The design looks good with your Mac devices as well, matching the sleek and slim looks Apple is famous for.  It’s also very portable if you’re a mobile user.

It allows you to recharge your mouse without changing batteries or even opening the mouse, which means you’re less likely to break or lose something important.  It is powered from USB so you can plug it into your system or the wall (includes a converter).  It’s made up of recyclable materials as well.

Installation is quick: remove the old batteries and replace with the included Magic Charger batteries.  That’s it.  Very quick and cool.  Here’s video:

Disclosure Notice: I received free product in order to conduct this review. No other compensation was given.