Is Facebook About to Get into E-Book Publishing?

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It is certainly a question worth pondering after the social media giant bought the e-book publisher Push Pop Press.  The acquisition by Facebook has led many people to wonder whether Facebook will start publishing its own e-books, or at least venturing into this market in some way.  The About page on the Push Pop Press reveals the answer.

According to the information given on the page, Facebook is not going to go down this route.  However the best bits of Push Pop Press are likely to be integrated with the social networking site.

Push Pop Press was in its early stages when it was bought out.  It had produced Al Gore’s Our Choice app for books and this will still be available.  But no other developments or e-books shall be released now that the site has been purchased by Facebook.

Facebook has so far denied any thoughts of making inroads into the e-book business.  But there is no denying that e-books are profitable and becoming ever more popular.  For now it seems like Facebook simply wants to make the most of the technology available at Push Pop Press.  Integrating this into its own offerings will undoubtedly make Facebook even more impressive for those who want to use it in different ways.

But will there come a time when Facebook decides that it will start looking more seriously at e-book publishing?  We can only wait and see.  But one thing is for certain – the acquisition has certainly got a lot of people talking.