Reckless Getaway – Make a Break For It On Your iPhone

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Robbing the bank was the easy part.  The hard part?  The getaway.

Reckless Getaway is a really cool iPhone/iPad game that puts you in the driver’s seat of a getaway car.  The robbery is done, the money is in hand, but you still have to get away.

The game has a lot of variables going on and is a ton of fun.  You can drive various getaway vehicles including a muscle car, a big rig, and more.  The game has 16 tracks, all with traffic, police pursuit, wrecks, and general vehicular carnage.

Speed through the streets, up alleyways, and smash through roadblocks as you make your escape.  Things unlock as you go, so complete a level and unlock more goodies to keep playing.

Playing on the iPhone is fun with a lot of use of the in-built gyro and vibration.  On the iPad it’s even better with the bigger screen and better graphics.  Sound is optional and controls are very easy.

Reckless Getaway has won several awards, including being named to the Quality Index’s Top 10 Games list and being the July game of the month in the Appstore Arcade.

It’s made by Polarbit AB and just had a new update August 30.  It’s rated for ages 9+ because of cartoon violence (vehicles smashing).