TrialPad – the Trial Presentation App

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We’ve all seen the courtroom dramas where the lawyer representing the side of good presents the critical evidence, out of the blue, and cinches the case for the client.  In those shows, convincing the jury always hinges on one crucial bit of evidence that is suddenly presented, at the very last moment, to swing the judgment.

In real life, of course, that rarely happens.  But trial attorneys do spend a lot of time setting up and presenting evidence to juries in order to convince them that their side of the story is correct.  This often takes hours of preparation – beyond just the finding of the evidence itself.

Well.. now there’s an app for that.

TrialPad is an iPad application that allows attorneys to present evidence of all kinds (video, audio, documentary, etc.) on one native app.  It can be sent through the court’s projector, televisions, etc. and without the need for a dedicated audio/visual tech that can be distracting for the jury.

In fact, in one trial, Attorney James Moncus, III won a $37 million case by using this app to present his evidence.  In that trial, Moncus had 911 phone recordings, receipts, documents from medical experts, video and more.  All of it was shown via this app and his iPad.

The app itself is relatively simple to use, though with anything this complex, there will be a learning curve.  It’s not steep, however.  Once you master the idea that you can be doing things on the screen that aren’t being shown on the monitors it’s attached to (such as bringing up the next doc and making highlights), setting up your evidence in sequence becomes easy.

It’s a very cool app with a very niche market of users who will no doubt find its price tag cheap compared to the time, money, and effort it can save.